Mom’s Summer Camp: Week 3

So, this week at “summer camp” we did have some additional visitors.  I am helping my sister while she completes her internship for her masters in education.  By helping I mean I am watching my niece and nephew.   Mister Carter, as we call him, is sweet as pie!  He just wonders around with his 30 minute cookies (cookies that take him 30 minutes to eat) and smiles and plays.  Madison does Madison.  Her free spirit attitude and care free tendencies allow for imaginative play and curiosity…but also make her very hungry!  That girl loves to snack!

Those days, we stayed home.  Too many kids, not enough adults to take them out into public without pulling our hair out.  Also, not sure if my car fits that many car seats.  Who had all these babies?  Oh yea…I did.

So, first on the agenda I deemed this week “safety week”.  You know, community helpers and the sort.

fire and police

Our first trip will be to the Norfolk Police and Fire Rescue Museum.  My son currently is obsessed with firetrucks and police cars.  He watches videos of them online and has added three new “bire trucks” to his collection this week thanks to Grammy and Pop Pop.

The Norfolk Police Department was established in 1797.  It is one of the oldest forces in the United States and has had a long history of service. The Norfolk Police Museum, established in 1919, is the oldest museum in Norfolk.


Norfolk Fire-Rescue was established in 1871. The Norfolk Fire-Rescue Museum, was established in 2004.

The purpose of this building is to document and preserve the history of NPD and NFR and those who have served the departments.  Plus side, the museum is open to the public and FREE of charge.  That’s right, you get in for free.

The museum is located at 401 East Freemason St, Norfolk, VA 23510

Next, we will visit Town Point Park in downtown Norfolk on Waterside Drive.   Recently Waterside has had a makeover.  They refurbished the building and added new restaurants and attractions down town.  I remember working there at the comedy club when I was a teenager.  Times have changed.  Also, just opened: the Ferris wheel!

This is a beautiful waterfront park located downtown and plays host to many local events throughout the year.  My favorite is the Bayou Boogaloo over the summer. The Waterside Landing fountain is designed as an interactive fountain for kids of all ages. It’s a splash pad! The fountain creates a fun atmosphere for water play and it is one of the few free water play attractions open to the public in this area.  The North Gate fountain is located next to the Half Moone Cruise Terminal and features a Norfolk mermaid sculpture set within fountains of water, and surrounded by a seating wall for public enjoyment. A variety of public art elements are placed throughout the park, including the Armed Forces Memorial, the Homecoming statue, a restored 19th century cannon retrieved from the river, a large Navy anchor, and a new installation of tiled images capturing Norfolk’s military and maritime past.

Our next outing was scheduled for a trip to Fun Forest Park in Chesapeake or Chesapeake City Park.  This park has been around since I was a kid and it still is enjoyed by many today.


The park sits on three acres and is deemed the ultimate children’s playground, imagination center and family adventure area! It was originally built in 1995 by over 1,800 volunteers from private, public, and community sectors. The playground has an are that features a dragon, three-way underground telephone, shaky bridge, dolphin tunnel slide, and many more challenges for the older child. A new section was built by volunteers in 2011 after fire damaged a section of the playground.  That didn’t stop the play though!

Many of the attraction’s feature paved paths, slides, swings, picnic tables and benches. There’s a wall decorated with tiles of hand prints, messages, and signatures of early contributors.

Fun Forest is located at 900 City Park Drive, Chesapeake, VA 23320

A trip to the Chesapeake City Library was in order for a Coding Class.  Unfortunately, I did not get to sign Caitlyn up in time for this class.  I still wanted to share it because I thought it  was going to be such a neat class for her to be introduced into the world of coding.  She is a big lover of video games and technology.   It would have been a cool experience for her and might have opened up her eyes into how things worked behind the scenes.  Next time!

Last, but not least I am working on getting a tour of a fire department on the schedule.  I know our local fire fighters will take kids on tours around the department and let them see the vehicles for field trips and large groups, so I am trying to nail down a day where I can take Grant to see a “bire truck” up close and personal.  Hopefully just a phone call will allow that to happen.  He will be so excited…or completely terrified.  Either way, it will make for a great photo!

Thanks for reading this week!  Join me next week as I share what we are going to be doing in our local area for “Independence Week” and check out my instagram for more photos from our outings in this post @mypastlifeblog


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