One year later


One year has passed since I said my final goodbyes to my father.  It has been a tough road to get here.  I think of him every day.   I am reminded of him every day.  From the truck that sits in my drive way to the Beatles songs that come on at the perfect moment.  My daughter, who got to know my father the best out of all his grandchildren tells me of my father’s little quirks.   She told me one day that she remembered that grandpa would always lick his finger before turning a page in a book they would read together. 

I love that she remembers this.  She is holding onto memories of who her grandfather was.  How he acted and his mannerisms and not just what he did for a living or what he looked like.  Those memories are the most special to me.  It tells of the person’s characteristics and just not facts on paper anyone would be able to see if doing research.

This leads me to today’s post.  Sometimes while doing family research we only get to see facts on paper.  Birth and death dates, draft cards, social security applications and marriage licenses.  But, in those rare moments we find something truly special; a newspaper article explaining their time during the war, a medal given to them for their bravery in service or a story in an obituary telling of all the wonderful things one had accomplished during their life. 

Social media is a constant reminder of my father too.  Since July 23rd, the day he passed away, until today (the day we had his service) I have had numerous reminders of my time with him.  Photographs accompanied by song lyrics, condolences from family and friends and his own obituary telling of his life here with us. 

I clicked on the link that took me to the funeral home’s website.  There people could leave their own remarks and thoughts about him for us.  I had never read them until the other day.  A year had gone by and I had never had the courage to read through the comments under his obituary posting.  I finally did, with tears in my eyes, and was surprised at who left a comment and what some of them had said.  These people posted memories of who my father was as a person…not just what he was on paper.   I would like to share some of those now. 

“Dee Dee, I am so sorry to hear about the passing of your husband Norman. I know you feel lost without him. I miss you dear friend and hope and pray you are doing well.”

Mary K. Butler-Parise – 6 months ago


“Sorry to hear about Norm. He was a good cop, a good guy. No politics, no B.S. I met him in early 1979 and he was always willing to help a rookie.My toughts are with you. Burt Spry”

Burt Spry  – 12 months ago


“James R Elliott VBPD Retired Rest in peace Norm. May God bring peace to your family in this time of sorrow.”

James R Elliott VBPD Retired – about a year ago


“I meet Norman the beginning of August 78. l had just moved here from NY to begin the job of a Police Officer in the VBPD ACADEMY. I was not in a good place financial wise at that time, couldn’t afford a hotel or rental. I was living out of my car, sleeping in a parking lot, and using the facilities in a camp ground. Another police officer who I was working with at the time prior to the academy introduced me to Norman and told him my story. Norman had never meet me, knew nothing about me, yet because we wore the same uniform he opened his home to me. I stayed at his home from that moment on, during and until the end of the academy. For that I will be forever thankful to him. We became friends worked for years for the police department and even retired on the same day. To the family I am so sorry that you’ve lost Norman he was a great guy and I was so thankful that I met him. Thanks again Fergie. W D Woodard Woody”

William D Woodard – about a year ago


“Norview Class of 1968 would like to give prayers and sympathy to the entire Ferguson family . Our deepest sympathy goes your way. Sincerely, Norview Class of 1968.”

Susan P. West – about a year ago


“Very sorry to hear of Norm’s passing. We worked together for many years and he was always fun to be around. He will be missed.”

Kenneth M. Lowe Jr. – about a year ago


 “I have fond memories of retired Det. Norman Ferguson. I am so sorry to hear he has left us too soon. My deepest sympathies are with family. Catie Wilson, VBPD.”

Catie Wilson – about a year ago


“Lost another close brother in blue. Sad to hear of Normans passing. He was a wonderful officer and friend. He will be missed by many. May his survivors find peace and comfort knowing he has gone to a better place! Ret Jerry A Fenske, VBPD.”

Jerry A Fenske – about a year ago


“Mr. Ferguson, Dad, you’re already missed by everyone that loves you. Growing up Ashley and Adrienne became sisters and you and Mrs. Ferguson became a second set of parents. I will cherish all the time I spent with your family and all the waffles.  Thank you for all the great memories and chats over the years. I love you.”

Michelle Aubrey – about a year ago

Thanks for reading.


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