Summer Start Update

Logo_1472484168779Three more weeks of comparing baby Tillman to food.  Every Thursday when I open my Bump app on my phone, I get a little visual of what baby may be like inside my tummy.   This time at thirty-seven weeks it is romaine lettuce.  I feel the pineapple was more accurate two weeks ago.

Three more weeks of looking at my sweet little Grant and realizing he will no longer be the baby soon.  I still look at his face and think to myself, “You are still too tiny!”  And he is, but I am very excited to meet this little girl who wriggles inside at every given moment of the day.

School is now over for my oldest and we start the testing process soon.  Hopefully all of our hard work has paid off over the last few months.  This is my first time homeschooling and I just hope that I did her justice.  Caitlyn is the smartest little girl I know and she has seemed to pick up on everything thrown at her.  Sometimes, I think she is too smart for my own good.

So, for the next three weeks, now that most of my nesting seems to be coming to an end, I will be concentrating on my list of things to do here at My Past Life.  Earlier this year I had come back from a stint of being away.  I had wanted to start many projects that I continue to work on behind the scenes.

One being the new novel I had started.  This will be a summer project while little babes nap in the afternoon.  Currently I am working on a timeline and cliff notes.  I am taking journal entry by journal entry to really mold the story I am trying to tell.   Most of it fiction of course, but it is inspired by the article of my third times great-grandfather and his experience during the Civil War.

Next, of course, is continuing to trace my family roots in Scotland and follow the Mackenzie line even further back if possible.  I now have the Mackenzie’s of Ballone book on file and will be sorting through the who married who to input all the information I can into the website.  I may even have a new way to research but I will mention that in a few.   The Ferguson side needs more exploration and I am hoping to be able to connect more dots.

I want to work more on researching my husband’s side of the family as well.  I know this summer with the new arrival of baby Tillman number three, I will have plenty of visits from Grammy and Pop Pop to do more research and ask the big tough questions.

This all ravels into the breaking down of the surnames on my family tree website.  Cleaning up the tree is a lot harder than expected but I think it will be worth it in the end when research will become more organized and “clean”.    Nothing like having to wait for trees to load with over 500 people in there!

I have not yet had any word from my “Splendors in the Past” post regarding the WWII photographs and Stanley Barish.  But, I am a patient lady and have plenty to keep me occupied until I get the chance.

This brings me back to a new way to research.  My cousin, Wesley, had graciously given me access to her account.  She receives a lot of messages from people who have been connected to her from her DNA profile.  She had received a message from a person asking about the Ferguson side of the tree.  I, of course, having done a bit of research into the Scotland side was glad to help provide information that I had discovered.  It is hard to say where the connection lies, but I am working with a sweet lady named Sarah to hopefully uncover more.  We have been going back and forth between emails and soon she will be going to the London Archives to do a little digging!  How exciting!  If only I could actually go to the London Archives myself…or London for that matter.  Still, it amazes me how we can form connections through today’s technology to really find out more about the past.

But I hope after the summer we will get a glimpse into the Ferguson side over in England.  When I had done my DNA profile through AncestryDNA, I had realized that I was a lot more English than I originally thought.  But hey, that must be why I am an anglophile… right?

Still dreaming up ways to make this blog better for readers and also still considering the My Past Life shop.  All in good time I suppose.  I have a habit of taking on a lot.  My husband always told me I put a lot on myself but he is a great supporter of what I do in my spare time when I am not running the household.  So, in case I may be a little M.I.A. just know that I am working to bring more exciting content to My Past Life!  Now, back to the grind as usual.  These things won’t manage themselves.  Summer is going to be great this year!


Thanks for reading!



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