Splendors in the Past

My prolonged absence in writing has actually brought many splendors my way in the past few weeks.  I have been very busy with lesson plans, “spring cleaning” and trying to finish with the sale of my townhouse I lived in prior to having my son, Grant. Well, I can say for sure this weekend that one of those has actually come true.  I have officially closed on the townhouse as of last week and could not be more thrilled.  Woot woot and good riddance!

Another exciting moment was being able to see my sweet babe number three on my last ever ultrasound before I deliver later in June.  It is so bizarre to see that tiny life inside moving around on a screen but I did get to see her precious face and she is already a beauty.

Photos by Stanley Barish

I have also had some pretty neat comments in the last two weeks on this little blog of mine.  I was contacted under a posting about my grandfather and the pictures he had ordered during World War II.  The grandson of Stanley Barish, the photographer, reached out to me.  I think that is incredible!  He told me that Stanley is alive and well and hopes to see him soon and even offered to have some dots connected for me.  So, I hope to hear more from him in the weeks after mother’s day and even have words from the man himself!


The second thing was a mention on a fellow bloggers page.  Jana’s Genealogy and Family History blog listed me as one of her Newly Discovered Blogs.  It is an honor to be mentioned and thank you for the shout out.  You can check out her blog postings at janasgenealogyandfamilyhistory.blogspot.com .


Jana’s blog post.

Since all of this has been going on my husband has thrown in another challenge.  We were having a conversation about heritage and he mentioned that he was of Scottish decent.  I looked at him with unbelieving eyes and asked “Are you sure?”


He claims that he has heard tales of his own Scottish heritage from his family.   I again looked at him and told him of a tale of my own.   I have heard that my little pinky finger is part Native American.  I know this is not true.  I have taken the DNA test from AncestryDNA and nothing of Native American ancestry came out of it.  I guess we all have tales like this passed down in our families.  Lore told by elders in hopes that they will give us some connection to each other or the past.   My connection to a Scottish past is very black and white in the documents and testing that I have already accumulated.   My blood runs thick with white and blue.

Well, I have now accepted the challenge my husband and have set out to discover his roots too.  He is my family after all.  So, there was no perfect time than last week to get things started.  Andy’s, my husband, parents were in town for a visit to see us and the grandkids and I took the opportunity to start poking around in their family tree.  I sat with both Grammy and Pop Pop to ask of their parents and their parent’s parents etc. as far back as they knew.  To my surprise they actually do not know a lot about their lineage.  There may be quite a few family mysteries to unlock on this side.  This can be trying and rewarding all the same.

I am excited to start this journey along with so many others I have already begun.  It looks like an amateur genealogist’s work is never done.  Better get back to the grind.  I’ve got a lot of spring cleaning and research to continue!

Happy Mother’s day to all the great woman who have the privilege of being called “mom”.  Your work is never done either and you are most appreciated for all that you give!

Thanks for reading!


One thought on “Splendors in the Past

  1. First off, congratulations on your upcoming birth and selling of your town house. Sounds like you’ve got some pretty exciting things going on…
    Since I’m new around here, I didn’t quite understand the whole picture update. hopefully, I will be able to catch up soon on everything. Great read and looking forward to reading more!


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