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Battle of Richmond on the march not signed_edited-1.jpg
Photo: March of the Battle of Richmond

So, in my absence from writing this blog I did continue to write.  I do fancy myself somewhat of a writer from time to time, having co-written and novel of fiction with my friend and also a small tale of mice and men for kids.  Nothing published of course. Well, perhaps only what is written among these pages.

Since November, I have been writing (off and on) a new work of fiction.  I am taking on this task completely alone.  I am very excited for this new adventure.  This will also be a novel that surrounds a man who I feel I know quite well.

What does this have to do with my ancestry/genealogy blog you ask?  Well, the novel I am taking on is actually inspired by a person from my past.  It is indeed, my favorite ancestor…that go to guy…my third times great-grandfather, John Bryant.  Names will be changed to protect the innocent of course.

He was the inspiration for one of my very first postings on this very blog.  I had written two parts in regards to his life.  One, during the time he spent in the civil war, and two, his life after the war.  The book I plan to write is only inspired by actual events taken from his very own article in the Wilmington Star.  From the time he spent during the war to what happened to him after his life had to begin again.

I was inspired by his words to tell a different kind of story.  One that would not only honor the actual past but to enlighten readers to real life issues that happen even today.

My goal is to have this completed by the time Tillman baby number three makes their appearance in the world.  I have a lot on my plate but I am ready for the challenge.  Like I said, new year, new me.

I hope to continue on with my other stories.    The time I have spent writing them and creating the characters and the worlds they belong to have a lot of meaning for me.

So here is the first official update of the novel: The Journal of Joseph B. Caston.  I am currently about five thousand words in and only have scratched the surface of the article he wrote and adding in my own flare and dialogue.   There is much, much more to be written.  I can’t wait for the story in my mind to unfold among the pages before me.  I hope that you will follow me on this new endeavor and keep up with my progress.  I hope even more that I will have a finished product to share with everyone in the upcoming months.

Thanks for reading!


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