New year, new wagon…

You know how they have that saying…about jumping onto the bandwagon?  Well, I am going to do that.  I am going to jump right on that dusty bandwagon train and say that 2016 definitely sucked.  I have been neglecting my blog posting largely to the fact that I just did not have time or motivation at the end of the year.  Anyone who knows me personally can attest to the fact that I had it pretty rough after the month of July.  Adjusting to a person, who was a large part of your everyday life, to one day not being there anymore is hard.  I missed my dad terribly.  And the holidays didn’t make it any easier.  I powered through October with a month full of interesting and spooky things to do around my area in light of the Halloween season.  After that faded, so did my motivation to continue on with this blog.  This was supposed to be a creative outlet for me.  Something of my very own.  Something that I could be proud of.  I didn’t feel these things so much once the holiday season reared its ugly head.

But now I am back and hopefully here to stay.  What is the saying again?  New year, new me?  Yea, let’s go with that one.  That sounds much better than getting dysentery on the Oregon Trail.  First off, I would like to say thank you to everyone who has checked out this little blog page in my absence.  It seems I had a bit of traffic through here and that makes me very excited to keep doing this.

So, what is going to be new for the “My Past Life” blog?  Well, I want to continue on my list and keep checking boxes off.

Scotland travel plans may give way to England travel plans.  One of my greatest friends and I have dreamed of going to London for almost ten years.  We would plan our trips regularly with that imaginary bank account we seemed to have funded out of pure gusto.  Well, that friend has done very well for herself in the past few years and it looks like a trip to jolly ol’ England could be more promising than when we lived in our apartment and ate nothing but ramen and wine.   Scotland will have to take a back seat at least for the next few years seeing as I won’t be able to travel anytime before June 29th.

That gives me leave to segway into another wonderful announcement for us here at My Past Life.  Since this blog is mainly inspired by genealogy and my family history, I would like to go ahead and say that we are adding another small branch to our family tree.  My husband and I are expecting baby number three in late June.  This little one took us by such surprise.  Our son just celebrated his first birthday this past week.  So, we were a little shocked to find out that we had already been blessed with another little bundle on its way.

Since most of my travel for the beginning of the year will have to remain local, I would like to travel back to North Carolina to explore other parts of my family history.  I know a trip to back to Wilmington would be awesome and a trip to Burlington is definitely needed to explore more of the Holt side of my family.   There is an entire settlement that is yet to be seen and even a museum with their names on it!

I would still love to tinker with the possibility of opening a shop for this little blog.  I think it would be neat to offer some of my ideas for tees or coffee mugs and the like.  It’s still something I toss around in my mind.  Side note: Must learn how to print my own shirts for practice.

The “Living History” miniseries will still be touched upon and more of my family, along with others, will be highlighted throughout my postings.  I would love to get to know my readers and more about their families and even friends.  Any good stories are welcomed.  I believe the best way to learn is from the past.

This year has really been a struggle for me and it has touched the lives of people I am around every day.  My family especially.  Since the passing of my father and uncle and also learning of the addition to our family yet to come, I have had an internal struggle that I remained pretty silent about until recently.  I think that opening up about my depression and feelings during this pregnancy have let me feel that I am something to someone again.  That I could make a difference, even if it is just over someone’s cup of coffee in the morning…even if it only makes a difference to me.  Feeling a purpose for me and not just my family is a good feeling.

So, now that it’s out there let’s do this thing again.

Thanks for reading!


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