11024621_10204009302981971_1711740133101187000_nThey say history repeats itself, that we are surrounded by it, we learn from it, it will consume us.  I cannot deny that fact.  My love for history came from my father, who could tell you anything you wanted to know about wars and politics and the birth of our nation.  I am a suburban girl living in a city that was built from history itself.  My area breaths it, it’s on every corner and you can smell the lives of the past in the air as if it were a thick smog covering my seven cities.  I am from Hampton Roads in Virginia.  It is a hop, skip and a jump away from our colonial past.  The state of Virginia is rich with our nations history.  Our culture is reflected in the pages of textbooks.  My schooling experience was littered with many trips to places in my own back yard.  I felt amazed to learn from it and take steps in the same places that many of my ancestors had.  And that is what brings me here today.  A passion.  One for writing, one for my love of history and a yearning to know more about my family tree and the role they may have played in the forming of the place I call home.  I want to share my experiences delving into the roots of my family tree and all the wonderful and exciting places that my home state and surrounding area has to offer.  That is what this blog will be about.  I will take you with me to visit historic locations.  You will join me as I attend functions of the different society associations I am a part of.  I will share my findings as I research my ancestry and become a professional genealogist and many other exciting features posted weekly in this series such as costumes, entertainment and food and culture.  Come with me as I live through the past with My Past Life.



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